Be Your Own Boss – Top 10 Self Employment Opportunities in 2021

Whether it is out of necessity or simply time to step away from traditional employment, you might think the time is right to transition to working for yourself as a business owner or independent contractor. Think about how you want to get yourself out there. Mobile Disruptors has so many ways to easily market yourself using simple tools like wifi marketing and geofencing.

  1. Home Services: A great way to begin working for yourself with little more than supplies you can buy at the grocery store is to offer home services. You can make your own hours, and potential clients are right outside your front door. In the time of Marie Kondo, everyone is looking for some help with house cleaning and organization. Now that many people are working from their homes, a revamp of their personal space is even more relevant. If cleaning isn’t your thing, consider offering services like grocery shopping and delivery and running errands. Other options for home-based services could be home staging and cleaning out foreclosed homes.
  1. Real Estate: If you’re intrigued by the housing market, consider working as a real estate agent. In many states, it takes little more than an exam to become certified as a realtor. Another way to get involved in real estate while working for yourself is to work in property management. Offering services to homeowners who are renting their homes out is something you can easily run out of your home.
  1. Graphic designer, developer, coding: If you’ve already got a laptop and the skills, doing graphic design and backend computer work like coding and website design is a skill that is always in need. In the already vibrant online marketplace, more and more businesses are choosing to go online for some or all of their sales. Any business looking to differentiate itself will be looking to navigate the creation of a website, e-commerce offerings, event calendars, and interactive functionalities. Mobile Disruptors offers opportunities if you wanted to get into work providing marketing solutions for other small businesses.
  1. Tutoring, Teaching, Information Products (ebooks): Tutoring is an excellent way to be your boss. Even before schools went online, tutors were always in demand. With an above-average competency at prime subjects, good communication skills, and good interpersonal skills, tutoring is a great way to make your own hours and put your skills to good use. Look at subjects that are part of the required curriculum or consider tutoring in special skills, like music or sports. If you prefer to offer your skills in a text format or have a niche skill, consider producing information products, such as ebooks or instruction manuals.Childcare & Eldercare
  1. Childcare & Eldercare: If you love kids, or love working with the elderly, consider childcare or eldercare. There will likely be certification required based on where you live, but childcare is always in demand, and with the aging Baby Boomer generation, many seniors would prefer to live at home instead of a long-term care home and simply need someone to check on them or assist with medications and other care.
  1. Catering & Event Planning or Personal cook: Do you love food? Home or event catering could be a great way to flex your culinary muscles. Meal kits and meal delivery services are increasing in popularity, and offering local, prepared meals would be a great way to compete with those services. You could also find work as a personal chef to busy families.
  1. Freelance writer or Transcriptionist: Do you love to write and are looking for a day job to pay the bills while working on your novel? With the explosion of content marketing, many companies are looking for writers to help craft content they can post to a blog or website that their audience can engage with. Additionally, there is always a need for transcription skills, where you listen to a recording and convert it to a written format. Transcriptionists can offer their skills to legal and medical offices, in addition to general transcription.
  1. Business Consultant, Social Media Specialist: There will always be a need for experienced consultants to help businesses craft strategies to grow. It could be hiring a social media specialist who can unify their social media channels, monitor engagement, and apply the best new tools to make sense of the analytics. Or perhaps they need a human resources specialist to consult on new tactics for managing their team that will provide growth opportunities. If you’ve got a specialty and are interested in working with a diverse range of business opportunities, consulting could be the perfect way to go.
  1. Pet Services: Do you love pets? Offering pet services is a great way to begin working for yourself. You can start with something simple like dog walking or pet sitting and build a clientele in your neighborhood. If you have special skills, such as grooming or training, these are a great way to set yourself apart from the competition. You can offer your potential customers your ability to bring your tools and expertise to an environment where the pets already feel more comfortable.
  1. Become a Licensed Reseller or invest in turnkey businesses: Making the decision to work for yourself can be an intimidating step to take. Make it easier on yourself by partnering with a franchise or turnkey business. Mobile Disruptors provides white label marketing systems, with state of the art tools to assist you with hosting, maintaining and updating the software for your business. They provide ongoing support and training, to help you get started, and get confident.

You can easily get started working for yourself in 2021! Look at the skills you have to offer, and you will be able to find a niche where you can get into the marketplace. Whether it’s getting certification for your state, or simply printing out some business cards, getting started working for yourself is a step in the direction of making your hours and being your boss. Marketing your new small business is an important step, and Mobile Disruptors gives you easy-to-use tools to help you do it.