Benefits of Automated Text Message Marketing

5 Benefits of Automated Text Message Marketing

Say you have to get a hold of somebody quickly and urgently. How do you do it? The answer is, of course, by text message.

Smartphones have changed the world around us. It’s time that businesses adapted accordingly. The most direct and instant means of communicating with the consumer is via text message or SMS.

Automated text message marketing is an innovative and exciting answer to the challenges of a modern marketplace. Let’s take a closer look.

What Is Automated Text Message Marketing?

Automated text message marketing is a system that allows a business to send pre-planned text messages to individual or multiple cell phones automatically. Employees no longer need to waste time typing out every message individually by setting up a system that automatically sends texts at certain times or when triggered by specific actions.

Text messaging has become increasingly popular with brands as it enables them to reach potential clients and returning consumers directly and on a purely individual basis.

You’ve probably heard (over and over again) that attention spans are dropping. It’s hard to know whether or not this is true. What we do know, though, is that consumer attention spans seem to have changed. Consumers have become accustomed to tuning out traditional marketing methods. In contrast, automated texting marketing campaigns are personal, direct, and impossible to ignore.

In general, there are two kinds of automated message: mass text broadcasts and autopilot text engagement. Mass text broadcasts are sent out to a large number of consumers at once, while autopilot texts go out to phones at predetermined times or when triggered by the predefined actions.

The Benefits

The Benefits

Now you know what automated text message marketing is, but why should you care? To answer this question, we’ve broken down the top five benefits of automated text message marketing.

5. Save Time

The days of time-consuming doorstep visits are over. Automated texts are pre-composed and distributed automatically, so you no longer have to worry about individually sending every text or placing every phone call. You save both money and time by using automated messages. In the time you save, you can focus, instead, on building your brand.

Most people choose to design an adjustable template to use for multiple campaigns. This way, you can quickly adapt your messages to suit your needs.

4. Effective Targeting

Automated text messages allow you to target and communicate with specific people in certain regions or at certain times. Offers go out to pre-selected demographics, people receive personalized updates on their birthdays or holidays, and first-time buyers are contacted after a sale to encourage them back again.

If you have more than one campaign going on at once, coordinating your marketing efforts is tricky. With automated messaging, you can effectively run multiple campaigns at once. If you have a predesigned text template, it is easy to adjust the information for specific audiences. You can easily and quickly cater your campaign according to consumer feedback.

3. Direct Contact

Short of face to face interactions and annoying phone calls, communicating directly with customers is difficult. Automated text messaging changes that.

People do not leave their phones at home anymore – they’ve become an all-in-one life coordinator. As a result, cell phones are the best way to reach people at any time. There are benefits of a text message as opposed to a phone call. People are less likely to ignore a text than a phone call from an unknown number. Leads can’t simply hang up the phone on you, and you don’t have to worry about catching someone at an inconvenient moment. If the customer is happy, you get better results.

2. Drip Intervals

Here’s where things get a little deeper. Drip marketing is a style of marketing that drips information to consumers piece by piece. Usually, these messages are pre-planned.

The purpose of drip marketing is to maintain consistent communication with the consumer while also reaching them at the right time. If you communicate regularly, the customer will think of you first. Even better, imagine the impact of a discount coupon for completing the sale after somebody has left something sitting in their cart for a week. Customized drip messages are a breeze with automated texting.

1. Build Relationships

We’ve said it before, but good relationships are the foundation of any successful business. With automated text messages, you stay in touch with individual consumers without spending precious hours on individually catered messages.

Say a customer makes the first contact by walking into your business and taking a look around. They might walk out without buying anything. Then, they might go about their day, see a hundred other stores, and forget about you.

Now imagine this: a customer walks into your store, and they like what they see, so they leave their contact information. They leave the store without buying anything, but two days later, they receive a follow-up text with a discount offer. As you can imagine, the chances of that customer making a return visit instantly skyrocket.

How Do I Get Started?

To stay up to date with your customer’s journey, start making use of automated text message marketing. If you see the value, you might be wondering how to get started.

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