Simple Interactive Content Ideas You Can Steal

7 Simple Interactive Content Ideas You Can Steal

The whole point of social media is to engage with your followers. But how do you get your audience to start engaging with you?

Interactive Content

Interactive content is often fun and silly. You throw out questions to your followers in a way they’ll most likely want to answer.

Interactive Facebook posts, for example, may require you to type out an answer, use an emoji, or answer with a GIF. Perhaps your followers must piece together different parts of an image you’ve posted to come up with an answer.

Interactive content should be fun and allow your followers to engage with you and your page. This will make it much easier for them to interact with you again in the future. Plus, people associated with your followers will see these interactions and check out your page out of curiosity. This will result in some of those people becoming followers, leading to an organic growth of your social media followers.

So, what are some fun ways to use interactive content to promote engagement? Don’t worry, you don’t have to think of fun ideas from scratch, just search the web and you’ll find a ton of options. We’ve chosen seven simple interactive content ideas you can steal.

1. One Has to Go

An interactive “One Has to Go” post generally involves the content creator posting a picture of a numerous favorite – depending on the account’s niche – fast foods, candy bars, beers, woodworking tools, etc.

This strategy allows your followers to answer you and interact with other commentators. Everybody has different tastes and seeing some of the different takes on this type of post, even just among the followers themselves, can be entertaining.

2. What’s Your (Blank) Name?

While you can use “One Has to Go” for market research, the “What’s Your (blank)Name?” post is just for silliness. It could be your unicorn name, mermaid name, Halloween witch name, or your wizard name, among so many others. The type of name will generally derive from the poster’s niche, or what their audience is interested in.

In most cases, these posts will list the alphabet in two columns, with a silly word next to each letter. You’ll choose the first letter of your first name in the first column and the first letter of your last name in the second column. So, if your name is Jane Doe, you’ll choose the words next to “J” and “D.”

This is just meant to engage followers. There are some pretty funny combinations, which motivates commenters to share their results and help put a smile on their face. Sometimes people need a small break from their lives, and this kind of interactive post helps.

3. Answering a Question with Facebook Emojis

Answering a Question with Facebook Emojis

This kind of content, which you’ll often see used on a Facebook post, requires followers to answer a specific question with a designated Facebook emoji. This is a very easy way to have your followers engage with your content. Also, commenters will oftentimes leave a comment explaining why they voted the way they did, their thoughts on the question, or how hard it was to make a choice, leading to more interaction between your followers.

4. Using the Third Gif, Show Your Mood

This is just one example of how to use gifs as interactive posts. Here, you have followers select the third GIF on their phone to describe how they feel. This is another post that will have followers taking a few minutes out of their day to scroll through and comment. Not only do people loveGIFs funny, but many can find them relatable.

5. What’s Your Favorite?

This kind of post can be done a couple of different ways. For example, you can ask “What is your favorite potato form?” and then show examples such as fries, mashed potatoes, potato chips, etc.

You can also do this is with different types of fast-food chains, burgers, candy bars, board games, vacation spots, and so much more. It doesn’t always have to tie back to food – you can come up with just about anything.

6. Would You Rather

I’m sure many of us remember playing “Would You Rather” on long car journeys. For interactive Facebook posts, the account will publish a graphic asking a question with four options. Followers will comment with their choices and hopefully let everyone know why they chose the option they did.

7. Open-Ended Questions

Just a simple open-ended question is a great interactive content post. For example: If you could be any animal, what would it be and why? Which fairytale is your favorite? What food is your weakness? Again, you’ll probably notice that as people post answers, more will reply. Interactive content doesn’t have to be complicated.