Can I Schedule Posts on Facebook? A Guide to Facebook Posts


In this article, we’re covering a topic that you will need to get quite familiar with as a small business owner – social media marketing. Specifically, we’re talking about scheduling a Facebook post. Facebook has a lot of great publishing tools for your business page, and we’re going to cover how to organize and schedule Facebook posts to reach your consumers’ news feed.

Facebook Posts

First thing’s first, let’s evaluate Facebook as a business tool. Surely, you know the basics of Facebook at this point. The mega-popular social media giant with billions of daily users, Facebook has obvious potential as a social media management tool and marketing tool.

Why Post on Facebook as a Business?

Simply put, a Facebook business page is a fantastic opportunity for any business because it gives you the opportunity to expand your reach to thousands (or millions!) of new people. The amount of people you can reach with just a single social post is almost never-ending. There is such a huge audience on Facebook that there is a market for almost anything.

More specifically, Facebook allows you to reach the right people. Facebook is so powerful because people willingly provide information that is crucial to marketers. If you know your target market inside and out, then there is an opportunity to reach them on Facebook. You can effectively target certain demographics, and get them truly engaged with your business over multiple posts.

And of course, a major benefit to many people, is that a Facebook account is free! There are advertising options that cost money, but having a Facebook Business Account and making social media posts and content is free of charge.

In this article, we’re focusing specifically on Facebook posts. Facebook posts can be any number of things, from direct advertisements to your business, to interesting tidbits to draw attention to your Facebook page. Facebook marketing is complex, and there are many avenues in which you can reach people. Realistically, a solid Facebook marketing campaign will include a mix of all types of posts. This allows you the opportunity to reach more people, and also to constantly stay on consumer’s minds.

That being said, scheduling and managing all these posts can quickly become quite a difficult task. This is because, to have maximum effect, you really should be posting with regularity. There is so much on Facebook that you need to be doing regularly scheduled content in order to stay on top of customer’s minds. But these posts can quickly get difficult to coordinate! From the various messages, to various images, to scheduling it all, it can get complicated!

That’s why we are focusing on the subject of scheduling your Facebook posts in this article. Scheduling posts allows you to make the posts ahead of time, set a schedule for posting, and automate it all! A much easier alternative than having to log into Facebook each time you want to post something.

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Why Schedule Posts?

As you can see, Facebook posts are a great opportunity, but scheduling them can start to get complex if you intend to post on a regular basis. So, what are the main benefits of scheduling posts?

Saves Time

The major advantage of scheduling Facebook posts is that it saves time. Simply put, it is much easier and more efficient to plan your posts ahead of time. You can get all the prep work done at once, and compile all your posts at the same time. This saves a lot of time not only in the preparation of the posts, but saves you from logging into Facebook each time you want to post.

Can View Posts in Accordance with An Overall Strategy

Another advantage of scheduling posts is that it allows you to lay out all your posts at once. This allows you to have an overall look at your posting strategy, and it motivates you to focus on the strategy overall, rather than each individual post. You will begin to think of how your posts align with your marketing strategy overall, and see them as more than the sum of their parts.

Monitor Analytics and See What Works

Scheduling posts simply allows you to hold yourself accountable, and makes sure that you are post regularly scheduled content. If you make a habit of scheduling a bunch of posts at once, it makes sure that you achieve your marketing objectives. Additionally, you can monitor Facebook Analytics to see which posts did best, and going forward you can tweak the strategy toward your most successful posts.

How to Schedule Posts on Facebook

On Facebook

The first way to schedule posts is through Facebook itself. Facebook didn’t always have this feature, but they do actually have their own scheduling tool now!

With Third-Party Tools

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Facebook is great on its own, but it is definitely meant to be a simpler and more basic way of post scheduling. Sometimes, if you want to engage in extremely detailed post-planning, with a more organized interface, and more complex tracking tools, you will have to go with third-party software. Not to mention the ability to plan for other social media platforms as well.

There are many social media planning tools available online which help you to master every aspect of your social media. Not only will they help with your Facebook planning, but they will help you plan content across different social media platforms as well. After all, if you’re serious about social media marketing, you are going to want to utilize more than just Facebook. Often, companies will post to Instagram and Facebook simultaneously.

Social Owl helps you to schedule your posts on Facebook, as well as on various other social media sites. This is only the start of the services they provide. If you are looking for a comprehensive social media service, check it out!


Thanks so much for reading our guide on Facebook posting. Hopefully you can see what a big opportunity this can be for any business. Scheduling posts is just another way to organize your marketing efforts so that they are more comprehensive overall. If you are looking for another way for your business to stand out, try Facebook!