6 Benefits of Proximity Marketing and How to Execute a Campaign

6 Benefits of Proximity Marketing and How to Execute a Campaign

The key to the success of proximity marketing is the ability to advertise to a consumer base at the exact right place and time with highly relevant and personalized content.

You use proximity based marketing to deliver potential customers offers and advertisements when they are near a specific location, which helps entice them to make a purchasing decision in the immediate future. Basically, it is an extremely targeted form of marketing that can yield incredible results.

To help you take advantage of this effective marketing strategy, we will quickly clarify how proximity marketing works and explain six of the most important benefits of using this marketing technique.

Benefits of using this marketing technique

How Does Proximity Marketing Work? 

In simple terms, proximity marketing involves passing information in the form of a push notification, text, images, or videos to a potential customer’s mobile phone when they are in range of a beacon device.

More often than not, the marketing content is delivered to the consumer through a Bluetooth enabled device at the location where the proximity marketing campaign is taking place.

In many cases, the targeted consumers must have downloaded a relevant mobile app to receive proximity messaging. However, some beacon marketing and Geo-fencing techniques allow businesses to send a real-time push notification without going through an app. For example, Wi-Fi-based proximity marketing is one of the ways marketers can deliver location-based content to potential consumers.

The 6 Benefits of Proximity Marketing 

Benefits of Proximity Marketing

Proximity marketing is gaining popularity because it is effective for a wide variety of reasons. Not only does proximity marketing allow businesses to deliver advertisements and information to consumers at a time when they are most likely to make a purchase, it also offers the following benefits:

  1. It Can Increase Customer Engagement – Proximity marketing delivers content directly to mobile devices. We all know how much time the average person spends looking at their smartphone, so delivering marketing material directly to those screens can be incredibly effective. When a potential customer downloads your mobile app, there is a good chance they will continue to engage with your brand long after they have left the location where they received your proximity marketing material. For businesses where location is important, push notifications that are based on geo-targeting can be one of the most valuable benefits of having customers download your mobile app.
  1. Proximity Marketing Can Offer Customer Insight – Proximity marketing provides business owners with detailed purchasing maps. You can gain valuable insights into the purchasing behavior and day-to-day activity of your consumers while they are in your retail space. 
  1. Proximity Marketing Beacons Can Improve Mobile App Retention – Convincing consumers to download your mobile app is only half the battle, the real difficulty is preventing users from deleting the app after they have it. Proximity marketing campaigns that go through a mobile app are a way to increase app use, strengthen brand loyalty, and increase customer retention.
  1. Proximity Marketing Can Give A Business a Competitive Advantage –Creating an interactive environment where your customers can engage with your brand gives you a serious edge over your competition. Unlike your competitors, you are engaging with customers and providing them with a more enjoyable experience. While your business uses proximity marketing to improve customer engagement and retention, your competitors are marketing the old-fashioned way with unsophisticated techniques that are less effective 
  1. Proximity Marketing Can Improve Your Business’s Conversion Rate – Increasing app and brand engagement will help improve your conversion rate. Proximity campaigns help connect prospective customers with your brand, which increases the likelihood that they will make a purchase. Using the right proximity marketing campaign, you can prompt prospective customers with enticing offers and discounts at the ideal moment.
  1. Proximity Marketing is Much More Personalized Than Traditional Marketing Techniques – It almost goes without saying that personalized marketing content will be more relevant to your customers. Proximity technology will give you valuable information about your customers, which will allow you to send them personalized notifications that will be much more appealing. For example, if a previous customer enters your store, their purchase history will give you an idea of what they are looking for. This allows you to send them highly personalized and relevant discounts and promotions.

How Do You Get Started With a Proximity Marketing Campaign or Business? 

The reality is most business owners do not have the technological knowhow to introduce a proximity marketing campaign on their own. This is where BeaconEdge can come in handy.

BeaconEdge provides you with all of the tools and software you need to help businesses introduce beacon and proximity marketing campaigns of their own. Using BeaconEdge, you can start your own proximity marketing business and sell the numerous benefits of this cutting-edge marketing strategy to local businesses that might not have the ability to do so on their own.

As mentioned above, marketing beacons give businesses the ability to provide real-time push notifications to their existing and prospective customers. They can deliver product information, in-store discounts, upcoming event notifications, and much more directly to the mobile devices their customers are using.

You will be able to set up proximity boundaries around businesses and introduce those businesses to the benefits of Geo-fencing. Whenever consumers travel through a Geo-fencing area, they will instantly receive push notifications for deals and discounts, which will increase the likelihood they will return to the store to make a purchase.

The great thing about proximity marketing is just how versatile it can be. Whether a restaurant owner wants to alert Wi-Fi users about upcoming specials, or a retail storeowner wants to deliver information about an upcoming sales event, proximity marketing can help.

Why Choose BeaconEdge? 

Why Choose BeaconEdge

As you can imagine, there is an incredible amount of potential when it comes to selling proximity marketing services to local businesses, but you might be wondering why you should choose BeaconEdge to get your business off the ground. The reality is, using a turn-key business solution takes the headache out of getting a mobile marketing business off the ground.

BeaconEdge can provide you with everything you need because it uses state of the art marketing technology, video training, and an easily accessible team of experts than can provide you with everything you need to get your business off the ground quickly. You need no prior proximity marketing experience and your new business will always remain 100% your own!